Supervised water exploration

This week have fun as you explore evaporation, dissolving, changes in states of matter and more! It would be a wonderful idea to set up a water “play station” outside for free exploration. While it might look like like your child is just playing in the water, he or she is actually learning about the physical characteristics of matter, objects that sink or float, measurement, and so much more! If your water explorations take place outside your child will learn about how the sun influences water temperatures and how water reacts to wind! Also, your child is working on small motor skills with all of that pouring and scooping! To create a water exploration station, simply fill a clear plastic bin with water. Supply measuring cups and spoons, clean food containers with lids, a pitcher, slotted and “unslotted” spoons of various sizes, turkey basters, medicine droppers, whatever you can find that can scoop, pour or measure! Sit with your child and talk about what he or she is doing as water play should always be supervised.

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