Name identification and printing

This week’s activities will focus on name identification and name printing. Five year olds are at very different developmental stages. Some have been printing their own names for some time, while others are still working on identifying the letters which make up their name. Feel free to cater the lessons to your child’s individual needs. If your child is still learning how to write his or her name independently always provide letters which can be traced over, but be sure that your child begins tracing at the first letter of the name and works from left to right. You can add “starter dots” to the letters which show your child where to place their writing instrument to begin printing each letter. Also, name each letter as you print them and as your child traces. If printing the first name clearly is easy for your little one, try working on their last name, or even their middle name. Keep in mind that it is important for your child to be able to begin his or her name with an upper case letter and continue with the appropriate lower case letters.

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