Family outings

Plan at least 1 outing a month to a place you have never been. Watch airplanes near the airport, visit a flea market, go to a cookie or candy factory or visit a farm! Family bonding time is actually critical to learning because it helps build your child’s confidence and sense of family security which has been shown to translate into achievement in other domains of a child’s life.

Family fun time

This week’s activities will focus on fun family time. You will find activities which require a little planning, as well as activities that can be done “on the spot.” The idea is to set aside time to focus on your family and spend some fun, giggly, silly time together. For example, have a simple family contest! Who can spin a coin the longest? Who can make someone laugh first? Who can build the tallest Lego tower or house of cards? Take a picture of your fun and share it!

100 little things

Hey mom and dad, we want to take a break from activities to let you know you’re doing awesome! We know that it’s hard work raising kids. Your hard work and dedication shows up in the 100 little things you do each day. Even if others don’t recognize it, we do! 🙂