Mimic stuff

Tonight, while reading a book, take turns reading with your child. First you read, and then your child reads the same passage. Set the pace and tone for your child to mimic. Change up your voice and rhythm and facial expressions and gestures. Then have them do a reading performance for you to imitate.

Reading around us

This week’s activities focus on reading with your child. Text and literacy are all around us. You can read signs while driving. Read the ingredients while cooking. Read movie reviews to decide on what movie to see. Read sports statistics and league standings to discuss your favorite team. Read by opening your mail together. Let your child rip open envelopes and read the mail to you. Have your child sort the mail for you.

PBJ percentages

Make a whole peanut butter and jelley sandwich with your child. Cut it in half, and write the fraction ½. Show how ½ plus ½ equals a whole. Now cut it into fourths. What is the percentage of ¼? It’s 25%. If you eat one square, you’ve eaten 25% of your sandwich! Take turns estimating how much of your sandwich you’ve chomped on 🙂

Geometry as math concept

This week explore math concepts. Geometry and shapes are math concepts. Do a shape hunt: Find 5 shapes in the house that have parallel lines (lines that run side by side and never cross). For example the door frames, book shelves, patterns in your tile or carpeting, etc.

Evens and odds game

Designate the left side of a room as “Even” and the right side of the room as “Odd.” Yell out a number. If it’s even, your child has to jump to the left side. If it’s odd, they have to go right. More kids = more fun. Put an X on each side of the room. First one to tap the X wins a point. Play to ten. Whoever wins gets to call out numbers next! 🙂