Awesome mom and dad!

Hey mom and dad we just want to say how much we appreciate all the little things you do each day to be a great parent for your child. A lot of those little things go overlooked. But it’s those little acts of love that will make your child successful for the rest of their life. Way to go!!

Answering questions activity

This week’s lessons focus on answering questions. Teaching children how to answer questions will help build confidence in reading. As a parent, it’s important to balance the type of questions you ask your child. Literal questions have answers that are clearly stated by the author, and can be found in the book. Examples of literal questions are: What did the character say, where did she go, when did it take place? Inferential questions require deeper thinking, and most of the time cannot be answered directly from the text. Some examples of inferential questions are: How do you think the character feels, what was her purpose, what was the author’s intention? Remember to ask your child questions before, during and after reading. Give your child a purpose for reading. Watch their confidence grow! One example is, tonight, read a book with your child and ask questions that have answers directly stated by the author (i.e. literal questions). Have your child find the answers in the book.