Future letter writing

Write a letter to your child that reflects on a few of your favorite moments or a particular challenge you overcame as a family or simply a note saying how much you love her. Seal it in an envelope and put it somewhere safe. Ten or 15 years from now you and your child will cherish this note.

Setting goals

What are some major accomplishments that you have had as a parent or as a family? What are some goals you have for yourself and for your child over the next year? Write them down. Be intentional about what you would like to achieve. Put it down on paper and store your list somewhere you will remember to look.

License plate games

In the car look for license plates with 2 or more letters and announce the letters to car in the form of a sentence. For example, the first rider who verbalizes a full sentence gets a point. If you see a license plate with “HEB” make up a sentence like, “Hippos eat broccoli.”


A triptych is a 3-paneled work of art. What part of that word means 3? How many words can you think of that mean 3 of something and contain “tri” in it? (Hint: triangle, triumvirate, trilogy, triple…).