Today we celebrate you, the parent!

Celebrating your child’s third birthday should also be a celebration of another year of great parenting. You are doing such an amazing job of raising your child to be the best person possible. You deserve to be recognized for your hard work! So post a picture of you and your child giving each other a high-five for a great job this year!

Write a letter to your child

What has been your favorite part of this past year with your child? Write a short letter to your child and put it away for safe keeping to give to him when he is older. These moments are precious, and it will be a wonderful experience 10 or 15 years from now to reflect on it with your child.

Third birthday approaches

Your child’s third birthday is right around the corner. Take some time to flip back through your Parent University photo album on Facebook to see how your child has grown and developed throughout this past year. Continue taking photos to capture all these amazing developmental milestones.