Barn vs zoo animals

Cut out pictures of animals from a magazine or print them from the internet. Divide a piece of paper into two columns. Draw a barn on one side and a zoo on the other. Discuss what type of animals you would fine in a zoo and which animals you’d find on a farm or in a barn. Glue the animals in the correct spot.

Recognizing your hard work!

We know that it’s hard work raising kids. Your hard work and dedication shows up in the 100 little things you do each day. Even if others don’t recognize all the little things you do – like folding laundry, grocery shopping, preparing meals, giving hugs, having reading times and so much more! – we do. You’re doing an awesome job!, 🙂

Making placemats

Have your child make placemats for dinner. Write each person’s name on paper and have your child trace the name with a marker. Then have them him decorate each placemat. If you want to reuse them for future meals, use contact paper to laminate the paper.

Listing family names

Write out the names of everyone in your family. Point to the first letter in a name and help your child say the sound associated with that letter. Then have her guess the name. You can create clues together by drawing a picture of each family member next to their name.