Celebrating YOU, too

Soon it will be your child’s birthday, and she will get all the attention. Take some time by yourself or with your partner to congratulate yourself on the amazing job you’ve done this past year. You are the reason your child will go on to succeed in life!

Letter to the future

Write a letter to your child that reflects on a few of your favorite moments or a particular challenge you overcame as a family or simply a note saying how much you love her. Seal it in an envelope and put it somewhere safe. Ten or 15 years from now you and your child will cherish this note.

Major accomplishments

What are some major accomplishments that you have had as a parent or as a family? What are some goals you have for yourself and for your child over the next year? Write them down. Be intentional about what you would like to achieve. Put it down on paper and store your list somewhere you will remember to look.

Birthday week

Your child’s birthday is next week. What are some unique or clever ways you can celebrate his birthday without cake or presents or a party? How about looking through your Parent University album of photos together and reflecting on your growth and accomplishments?

Post office

Call your local post office and ask if they offer tours for children. While there point out the tools used for weighing, measuring, sorting, etc. Ask the post office workers how they know where to send allll that mail?!