Vocabulary activities

This week focus on vocabulary. The more words a child knows, the better their comprehension will be. Remember that the best role model a child has is their parent. Show your child that a good vocabulary is important to you. Use BIG words in your everyday conversation. Stop and explain the meaning of new words to your child, and give them plenty of meaningful examples. Introduce a “word of the day or week” and involve the whole family.

Themes of the week activity

You’ve been looking through the paper all week. What is one current event that has received attention throughout the entire week? Maybe it’s a local issue about the city council. Perhaps it’s a global event such as a conflict in another country. Or perchance you are following your favorite sports team in a series against a rival.

Awesomeness review activity

Time for an awesomeness review: Take some time today to think about something awesome, unique, interesting that each member of the family has done so far this week. Give out some high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, Oreo cookies or something appropriate to celebrate your family awesomeness 🙂