Wonderful story tellers

Children have a lot to say, and they tend to be wonderful story tellers. In my classroom, I would often start the week by asking if anyone wanted to share their weekend plans. In less than a second, 25 hands popped up in the air and I had 25 students begging to tell their stories. However, the minute I asked them to organize these thoughts onto paper, the great story telling stopped. That is, until I introduced creative writing into my daily lessons. I found this creativity allowed children to let go of their inhibitions, and let their imaginations go wild. The more practice a child has at writing, whether it be creative or not, the better off they will be as a writer in the long run. Quick and fun writing assignments get children to practice grammar and spelling, without it seeming like a lesson or homework. As a parent or educator, find time to fit creative writing into a busy schedule. Dim the lights and ask your child to write a spooky story. Brainstorm heroic qualities and have your child invent a superhero. Keep a journal in the car for long drives. Anytime you can get a child to think out of the box, you have succeeded in teaching.