Writing tasks activity

This week focus on writing with these simple lil activities. Make use of what’s available for fun writing tasks. If you have a list of spelling words from school have your child put the spelling words in alphabetical order and make up a silly story using the words. If you don’t a list of spelling words, crack open a dictionary together.

Reading around us

This week’s activities focus on reading with your child. Text and literacy are all around us. You can read signs while driving. Read the ingredients while cooking. Read movie reviews to decide on what movie to see. Read sports statistics and league standings to discuss your favorite team. Read by opening your mail together. Let your child rip open envelopes and read the mail to you. Have your child sort the mail for you.

Math games

This week’s lessons focus on making math fun for children. Children of all ages enjoy playing math games. Math games can motivate even the most struggling students in math. It is critical for parents to reinforce math skills at home with their children, and offering a variety of practice through games is a great way to keep your child motivated. Take any familiar poem or rhyme and substitute the words with math concepts. Do jumping jacks while reciting multiples. Use a deck of cards to find the sum or difference of a target number. While there are great math games available on the internet and app store, it is important that you stay involved in the practice. Set aside some time every week to play a new math game with your child. Before you know it, they will be begging you to play math games.

Family time activities

This week’s activities will focus on easy ideas for family time. Whether you are a working parent or a stay-at-home-parent, sometimes life can get so busy! These activities are intended to squeeze in some family fun between the kid’s activities, work, birthday parties and your seemingly never-ending to-do list. For example, Have a family movie night at least 1 night per month. Family members take turns choosing a family-friendly flick. Be sure to snuggle up, serve popcorn and other theater favorites!

Reading corner construction

This week’s lessons focus on literacy. Set up a “reading corner” in your house to promote reading. Find a quiet spot and decorate it with comfy pillows or bean bags, a reading light, and age appropriate books. Let your child participate in preparation. Ask your child to make a colorful sign to hang above the spot. It’s important to set aside time for your child to read in the corner each day, but vary your involvement. Do some shared reading, and allow some independent reading, too. Good luck!

Science concepts

This week will focus on science concepts and thinking about the world around us in scientific ways. For example, consider temperature: Is there snow outside? (No snow? Use ice cream or ice cubes.) Bring in a cup of snow and leave it at room temp. Talk to your child about what will happen to the snow. Use words like “freeze” and “melt.”