Spare change Activity

Ask your child to hunt for spare change in your house and car. Have them sort the coins, and then add up the total amount of money. This is a good opportunity to talk about decimal points. Be sure to help them line up decimals points as they add.

PBJ percentages

Make a whole peanut butter and jelley sandwich with your child. Cut it in half, and write the fraction ½. Show how ½ plus ½ equals a whole. Now cut it into fourths. What is the percentage of ¼? It’s 25%. If you eat one square, you’ve eaten 25% of your sandwich! Take turns estimating how much of your sandwich you’ve chomped on 🙂

Fiction reading

Read a short book that’s fiction with your child. Take turns reading the pages. Model how you change your voice when different characters speak or when the same character speaks but is in a different mood. Ask your child to do the same.

Kook Aid

Make Kool Aid with your child. Empty the powder into a container and have your child fill it with water. Observe and discuss what happens to the powder before and after you mix it. How can such little amount of powder change the entire color of all that water?