Themes of the week activity

You’ve been looking through the paper all week. What is one current event that has received attention throughout the entire week? Maybe it’s a local issue about the city council. Perhaps it’s a global event such as a conflict in another country. Or perchance you are following your favorite sports team in a series against a rival.

Fractions and measuring cups activity

Show equivalent fractions with measuring cups. Have your child pour ½ cup of OJ in 1st glass and use ¼ cup to measure equal amount in 2nd glass. Repeat using 1/3 cup, etc. Now pour the equal measurements into different sized glasses and talk about the concept of conservation. Portions of the same size may look bigger or smaller depending on the shape of the container.

Math Riddle Activity

Play math riddles. Give your child clues like, “I am an even number, and I am greater than 4 but less than 7. What am I? 6, of course!” What are some other riddles you can come up with? Share them with us, we’d love to hear what you come up with.