Adding sums

Get a stack of dominos and place them with the dots facing down. Have the players pick 2, add the sum of dots on each then add those sums. Player with the highest total sum keeps all 4 dominos. Play until all dominos are used.

Face cards

Use a deck of cards, face cards = 10. Each player picks 1 card and writes the number down. Each player picks a second card and adds this number to the first number. Continue until the first player reaches 50. First one to 50 wins!

Addition skills

This week’s activities will focus on addition skills. While your child might be doing more difficult operations at school during math time, it is still important to practice basic math facts often. Committing simple addition facts to memory will benefit your child greatly as he or she performs more difficult math computations. For example, create a key by assigning a picture for each number 0-9 (1=star, 2=heart, 3=square, etc.). Write addition number sentences using pictures instead of numbers. Ask your child to use the key to solve the problems.

Family crafts

Take the family to a ceramic painting studio and create a piece together. If you don’t have one close by go to a craft store. Choose a family craft you all can do together. It could be as simple as building a pillow fort from your couch cushions and pillows and blankets.