Still phoneme week

If this phoneme segmentation skill is still a little difficult for your child try segmenting words by syllables rather than phonemes. So, while working with tomorrow’s “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” activity, instead of finding phonemes in the word “cat” (touch your head for the sound of /c/, shoulders for the sound of /a/ and knees for the sound of /t/), supply the word “bubble.” Your child can touch his or her head for “”bub” and then shoulders for “ble.” Syllable segmentations is easier than phonemic segmentation, but is still a very important phonemic awareness skill!

Phoneme week

This week’s lessons will focus on phoneme segmentation. A phoneme is an individual sound within a word. So, the word “bat” is made up of 3 phonemes, or sounds: b-a-t. The word “click” has 5 letters, but only has 4 phonemes: c-l-i-ck (the “ck” only makes 1 sound:/k/). Phoneme segmentation involves slowly stretching out how we say a word in order to identify each individual sound within the word. This week you will be provided with several activities that will give your child practice with breaking down words into individual sounds. This phonemic awareness skill is very important as your child begins to sound out and write words.
Please note, the goal with this week’s lessons are to identify the sounds which make up words, not the letter names.

Underwater pictures

Mix water with a few drops of blue paint in a deep bowl. Ask your child to color an underwater picture. Have your child crumple paper into tight balls and dunk the ball into the mix. Remove, flatten and let dry. What does it look like? Take a picture.