Cut out pictures from a magazine for words your child can spell. Glue the pictures in a book and have your child write the words underneath. Some suggestions to consider include: cat, ball, pig, net.

Using cards to visualize

Purchase or make a stack of letter cards. Help your child to spell simple words by sounding out the beginning, middle and end sounds. And use the cards to spell them and visualize what she’s spelling – even if the words are misspelled, lay them out and review why it’s an error.

Sequence sounds

Focus this week on putting letter sounds together to form words. Understanding that words consist of a sequence of sounds is the initial step to reading. These activities can be adjusted based on your child’s background knowledge of letter sounds. Be sure to practice reading activities at your child’s level to eliminate frustration and boredom.


Make 15 sight word cards – adding 5 cards that say OOPS. Shuffle the cards and make a stack. The first player picks a card. If you can read it keep it. If you pick an OOPS card you have to put your cards back. First with all the cards wins!