Go fish with words

On index cards print 4 cards for each word you would like to practice. Work on articles (such as “the”) and prepositions (such as “in”, “to”, “by”, “near”, “between”, etc.). Make 4 cards of each word and use the cards to play a game of “Go Fish.”

High frequency words

This week’s lessons will focus on recognizing high-frequency words (also called “sight words”). These words are the words that appear often while reading (the, is, in, a). Helping your child learn these words is key to future reading success. When your child becomes an independent reader it will significantly help with fluency while reading. Sight word lists appropriate for your child’s current reading/grade level can be obtained through your child’s teacher or your home school curriculum materials. Also, the 2 most popular lists, Fry’s instant sight words and the Dolch sight word list, can be obtained with a simple web search.

Shared reading styles

Try reading a story “shared reading” style. You read a page then your child reads a page. This exercise allows both independent reading practice and exposure to good reading practices as the adult reader continues to model the rhythms and cadence of the written words.

Beginning readers

It is such an exciting time when your child begins to read! Beginning readers are often eager to try to do all of the reading themselves! It is important for parents to practice patience as their children slllooowwly sssoouunnnnd ooouuuut eeeeeaach wwwooooorrd. Give your child time to decode words and resist jumping in to help too quickly. It is important to support reading attempts in a positive way.