Using the sports section

Make a connection between text and a picture. The cover story of the sports section in a newspaper article is a good prop for this exercise. Point to each word while you are reading. Show your child the picture that illustrates what you read and ask your child to tell you what is in the picture.

Yes, comfortability is a word

Ask your child to use their finger to show you how to read a book: top to bottom left to right. Ask them to write a story for you moving from left to right, top to bottom. This is another simple activity, but you are building comfortability with reading, and you’re helping to build positive habits, too! Keep up the good work mom and dad!

Drawing lines

Write your child’s first and last name but don’t put space between them. Ask your child to draw a line between their first and last names. Talk about putting space between words and why you do this. Continue the exercise with other words, too.

Print concepts

Focus this week on print concepts. Help your child to find the front and back covers of a book and to locate the author and illustrator’s name. It is important that you show your child how to care for a book and to turn the pages gently. While reading together, point to each word as it is read. You will be showing your child the direction you are reading and helping them to pick up on new words. Or, try asking your child to show the following parts of the book before reading: front cover, back cover, author, where the story starts and the first page.