Fractions and measuring cups activity

Show equivalent fractions with measuring cups. Have your child pour ½ cup of OJ in 1st glass and use ¼ cup to measure equal amount in 2nd glass. Repeat using 1/3 cup, etc. Now pour the equal measurements into different sized glasses and talk about the concept of conservation. Portions of the same size may look bigger or smaller depending on the shape of the container.

Dominoes as fractions activity

Use dominoes as fractions. Have your child line up domino fractions in order from least to greatest. For example, 5/6, 1/6, 3/6 (count the dots on each half of the domino. Now line them up in order. Don’t have dominoes at home? That’s okay. You can make your own with graham crackers and frosting.

Learning fraction activities

This week’s lessons are centered around fractions. Help your child understand fractions as a part of a whole. While the kitchen provides us with several fraction lessons, remember that fractions are also a part of money, time and measurement as well! A quarter is ¼ of a dollar, the clock says a quarter ’till, and a millimeter is 1/10 of a centimeter. Fractions opportunities are all around us. As an example, look for fractions in your kitchen. Have your child read the fraction and point to the numerator and denominator.

Spare change Activity

Ask your child to hunt for spare change in your house and car. Have them sort the coins, and then add up the total amount of money. This is a good opportunity to talk about decimal points. Be sure to help them line up decimals points as they add.