Themes of the week activity

You’ve been looking through the paper all week. What is one current event that has received attention throughout the entire week? Maybe it’s a local issue about the city council. Perhaps it’s a global event such as a conflict in another country. Or perchance you are following your favorite sports team in a series against a rival.

Awesomeness review activity

Time for an awesomeness review: Take some time today to think about something awesome, unique, interesting that each member of the family has done so far this week. Give out some high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, Oreo cookies or something appropriate to celebrate your family awesomeness 🙂

Social Science activities

This week’s theme is around social science and current events. Start by getting helping your child get familiar with a newspaper. Give your child 5 things to find on the cover of a newspaper. Include elements such as article titles, authors, italics, captions, infographs, different sections (e.g. sports section, real estate, arts, politics, obituaries, etc.).

Math Riddle Activity

Play math riddles. Give your child clues like, “I am an even number, and I am greater than 4 but less than 7. What am I? 6, of course!” What are some other riddles you can come up with? Share them with us, we’d love to hear what you come up with.

Great Activity

What is one awesome thing you have done today? How about something great you’ve done this week? We know you’re doing a great job at dozens of different things. But pick one and take time to be proud of yourself. Because we certainly are proud of you for all you do with your kids!