We think we’ve done something unique and something pretty impactful. But don’t take our word for it. Over the years Parent University has been featured in numerous articles. Click to read more details about the impact PU has had on learning within the home and helping to build rich language and learning environments.

January 2015 Fred Rogers Center blog post: “The researchers who studied [Parent University] found that after the six weeks, parents who received the texts were significantly more likely to do planned activities, such as reading or playing make-believe, than the parents who didn’t receive texts were.”

July 2014 EdCentral article by Barbara Ray: “The Parent University program gives parents a digital tap on the shoulder via text messages reminding them to interact with their kids to boost literacy—and close that ever-widening word gap. And it’s working, according to a recent, not-yet-published study that compared parents who received the program to those who didn’t.”

July 2014 Education Week article by Christina Samuels: “One interesting finding [of the Parent University Northwestern University study]: The program seems to be particularly effective for dads and for parents of boys.

July 2014 EdCentral article by Heidi Moore: “Evans appreciated that the texts helped her daughter work on critical literacy skills in different ways from traditional learning. ‘I felt like I was fooling her,’ Evans remarked. ‘She loved it. You would have thought I was giving her a trip to the carnival.’”

July 2014 Q&A with Alexis Lauricella by Barbara Ray: A study of Parent University, which is administered in partnership with Chicago’sOunce of Prevention Fund, was led last year by Northwestern University’s Ellen Wartella and Alexis Lauricella. In this post, Barbara Ray interviews Lauricella to glean insights into what worked and why.

2013 Ounce of Prevention press release: “To explore the potential for digital learning in early childhood, the Ounce, researchers at Northwestern University, and the educational technology company Parent University formed a unique partnership to examine an innovative family engagement strategy: delivering parenting tips and support through text messaging.”

December 2012 report by The Joan Ganz Cooney Center in partnership with The New America Foundation and The National Campaign for Grade Level Reading: Pioneering Projects: Examples of Supporting Families and Communities – Parent University (p. 12)

December 2012 article by Corey Cummings:Chicago-based startup Pocket Literacy Coach has rebranded itself this month…now called Parent University. […] Push notifications from Parent University are research proven methods that work to target a variety of important developmental skills between the ages of mere days to 12 years old.”

May 2012 interview with Dr. Chris Drew by Victor Rivero:  “Part of what PLC does is empowers parents and gives them confidence to know that the fun activities they are doing with their child are helping to build specific skills, such as alphabet knowledge, language building, phonics awareness, early math skills, socio-emotional skills and more!”

April 2012 article in EdTech Digest: ” Busy parents don’t necessarily have the time to come up with daily literacy-based activities for their children. That’s where Pocket Literacy Coach comes in.”

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